The unofficial Telegram tip bot manual


Have you ever felt the need to reward someone for what they wrote? Thanks to @oldcryptogeek from KodexData this is now possible.

They built a Telegram tip bot on Cardano, which is in its early stages, but already a blast to use. The bot is running on the Incentivized Testnet, you will need test-ada.

Because of the early stage there is no manual at the moment, I decided to write a short manual here to which we can link instead of explaining everything over and over in Telegram. I hope this is fine with @oldcryptogeek.


To use the tip bot you have to do a quick setup. While you could also enter the commands in the group, I highly recommend that you are writing directly to @CardanoTipBot as a private message. This will lead to more privacy for you and keeps the spam in the group low.

In which Telegram groups does it run (to be updated)

Cardano Official
Cardano UK
Cardano Dutch and Flemish Official
Cardano German Official

Setup (write directly to @CardanoTipBot as private message)

Command: /create

You will receive an address. From now on you are able to receive tips from other users. Example:

You can of course send test-ada to the given address to load up your balance.

Command: /info
Use this command to get your wallet address. Example:

Command: /balance

Use this command to check your balance. If you just sent test-ada to your address, give it some time. Example:

Tip other people: (write this public in the group)

To finally tip someone write: /tip @handlename amount


Safety instructions/best practises

  • This is for fun, don’t load your fortune on a tip bot. I’d say keep the balance below 1000 ada.
  • Every tip command is a on-chain transaction and will also cost a little transaction fee.
  • Please use the private message function for all other commands than /tip. (Send message directly to @CardanoTipBot on Telegram)
  • At the moment there is no way to get funds off the wallet of the tip bot, but as far as I understood from @oldcryptogeek this will be possible soon. Keep this in mind.

Known problems

  • The bot has some problems in supergroups when not having admin rights
  • From my observation there are problems when you did not setup a Telegram handle (aka public username) so that people can not tag you with @some_name. Please see the Telegram FAQ how to do it and what that implies:

Have fun and happy tipping!