Lets get $ADA Listed on Tip Bots for Reddit, Discord, Telegram and More

Hey all!

I have been engaging in some blockchain based Discord channels that have some really cool bots that enable tipping and airdrops of a cryptocurrency. The bots entirely run on commands made by users and requires no gas fees until the coin/token is withdrawn to an external wallet. The current two bots I have been using are Tip.CC and CCTip (they are different projects). I think it would be fantastic to get ADA listed on these bots so that social media like Discord, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and WeChat could enable that transfer of ADA between interested parties. I believe it could lead to some new interest in the project and enable new and interesting use cases for the currency.

Is this of interest to anyone else in the Cardano Community? Would be very low cost to list as cctip only has an application process and tip.cc has a $400 fee to list a new coin or you can try and apply for listing for free.

Let me know if you all are interested in this idea!

There were few before for testnet, and am sure new ones will come up for mainnet - not sure why we should need to pay for third-party bots when it can be created easily natively and has been done so from within community :slight_smile:

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That’s a great point rdlrt. I think part of the benefit of those tipping bots is they are already deployed across a large network of servers. Another benefit would be that the bots already support a wide range of currencies.

In the end it doesn’t matter what bot enables those transactions, would just be really cool to see/help make it happen! Maybe its something to propose to one of the funds once they launch.