ADA to all involved community members!

I’ve been part of this community for awhile can we get some free ADA please! lol no but seriously

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Hi @acirvin2 you’ll soon be able to stake your ADA via stake pools and be rewarded!

Why should anyone get ADA for free? If they hand it out free it devalues the ADA I am paid hard earned money for. Freely increasing the money in circulation dilutes the value of what you hold. This is how the leaders of the modern world tax their citizens without them knowing it, the print money and hand things out for free.

This is the fundamental reason I personally stay away from Stellar Lumens. They have a plan to hand them out for free to the world. Why would I buy something that will eventually be free to others?

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Oh I see never thought about it

To your point though, you titled your thread “ADA to all involved community members”, key word there is “involved”. There is another thread that discusses just this very thing, that those members of the community that contribute value to the community should be rewarded with ADA. Here is the link to that discussion.

I am personally not necessarily against this idea (and not 100% for it yet either), I think it depends on a few factors. I am against just giving ADA away for “free”, but if someone is involved and contributing value, then it is not exactly “free”. Just some additional thoughts. Thanks!


No, kidding. :rofl: