Adalite showing zero balance

I connected my Trezor T two weeks ago and eventually it proper balance showed up 4 hours after setup.

Two weeks later it’s showing zero balance, but I can find proper balance on cardano scan, it’s like it’s two different accounts

Any help would be much appreciated

Can this be related:

Problem solved, 12 hours of working things out.
Thanks to the person that posted about different password creates a different wallet.

You wouldn’t think that disabling a password would also divert you to a different wallet


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I eventually got mine sorted, I had disabled the pass phrase which sent me to a different wallet (empty) have you created a different pass phrase, looks like different pass phrase equals different wallet.

Glad you sorted it out :+1:

Seems that is the expected behavior.


…So if you generated a wallet using a passphrase, and then you disable it, and access a wallet without a passphrase you will end up using a new wallet.

Trezor Wiki


12 hours of pain.