Yoroi Wallet - Recovery phrase, spending password - 2 wallets

I think i’ve messed up big time. I have a Yoroi wallet on Chrome linked to my ledger, and I created another one not link to my ledger. However, when I created that second one, I do not recall at all that it requested me another seed phrase or spending password… Thus, I have some ADAs on that second wallet, but I cannot move it as I don’t have the spending password, and I do not have a seed phrase for this specific second wallet.

Is it possible that the 2 wallets have for seed phrase the one of my Ledger??
I usually keep notes of all my passwords and seed phrase, this is very strange to me that I do no have either of them for the second wallet… :frowning:

Do I have a chance to get my ADA’s back somehow?

On yoroi u should have :

    1. Ledger wallet (u don’t need seed words or spending password)
    1. Shelley simple wallet for which u received a seed words and u set a name and spending pssword

If u can’t remember the seed words or spending password then u will not be able to access the funds (u can try brute force, the pass has a min of 10 characters)


The exact same thing has happened to me using a Trezor Model T. I was unable to move my funds back across from the Trezor wallet. Every time I kept getting a Server Error. So I clicked remove Trezor Wallet to then restore hoping the new pairing might help but now my balance is reading zero and I’m completely freaking out!!
Did you manage to get yours sorted out?

Check on trezor settings if u have the passphrase activated and try to deactivate… then try again on adalite.io

@cdonovan74 do what Alex suggested and read here why this may be a solution, or to better understand Trezor behavior related to passphrases:

Pls I lost my old phone and I don’t have my recovery phrases. Is it possible to recover with just my spending password?

Nope, if it’s a simple wallet you will need the seed words

Does it mean I’ve lost my wallet?

I am affraid yes, u can restore the wallet only with the seed words… but why u didn’t bkped somewhere else :frowning:

Same thing has happened to me … I can still access my wallet … Is there any way i can view the seed phrase from settings ?? I moved some ada to delegate only to know that I need a spending password to approve the transaction …
Is the spending password only made of numbers of is it alpha numeric

Min 10 characters - all possible characters

Oh i can’t remember it bro … is there any way to transfer my funds to a new wallet??
I am unable to locate my seed phrases either …

I don’t even remember setting a password… is it possible that I was allowed to create a wallet without setting the spending password??

Nope, if it is a simple wallet u set a name for the wsllet and a password

The spending password is not necessary for hardware wallets

@Nujravk are you using a hardware wallet?

No :neutral_face::pensive: … just the wallet with seed phrase…
But normally for every other wallet if we are logged in we can view our seed phrase … is that option not available in yoroi ??

The seed phrase is displayed just once. I believe it says that during wallet creation otherwise it would be a possible security issue. :confused:

Other wallets I used do it the same way…

Yeah it was a simple wallet … I remember the login password … I am able to login … I moved some fund from binance today for staking … but when I tried to stake it is asking for spending password… but I don’t remember that

Oh don’t remember at all … but in metamask and token pocket wallet we can view our seed phrase if we are logged in

You have unlimited times to try passwords… keep in mind it should has min 10 characters