After DAEDALUS WALLET is installed problems

So, I installed the DAEDALUS WALLET, sent ADA to it, and everything was fine, then after closing it and trying to reopen, it is NOT responding. What should I do?

BTW, my name is Marie, and this wallet is all new to me and its quirks… Thanks for helping iron out the wrinkles… :slight_smile:

First thing Id check is to make sure you are trying to run the Daedalus.bat file.

ok, I will check to see if I can find the files on this program… Alls I did was quit the wallet, then went into my applications, and clicked on my wallet there…At first it started bouncing repeatedly, then stopped responding…

really wondering if its an update issue, and is not compatible to my operating system version…hope not

What OS are you running?

I am not finding a .bat file anywheres in its file…


Mac right?

Yes, a iMac El Capitan

Okay, when you launch it are you getting a blue, connecting screen or a white syncing screen?

I can’t launch since I closed the application… Its in my dock area, but when u click on it, it is not responding, and the Finders window will come up, saying its not responding

Heres my Finder window message… You can’t open the application “Daedalus” because it is not responding.

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Okay, could you launch Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor

In that app look for:


Okay, I will check it out…

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Is it under the Memory tab, in the Activity Monitor?

Sorry, under CPU


If you find any of them running, Daedalus, cardano-node or cardano-launcher just select on it and then click on the x to force quit that process.

Then try launching Daedalus again.