Daedalus wallet wont launch

I just upgraded my Daedalus wallet and now the wallet won’t even launch. It won’t open at all even after deleting and downloading it several times. Any suggestions? Thank you and I appreciate your time.

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after alonso all updates have been pain in the ass sorry to say ,contecting,verying to…,sync soooo slow now had 2 updates in 2 days not did anygood to the wallet, iohk needs get its basics good of the wallet

If you just deleted and reinstalled it, then it has to rebuild a full copy of the chain from db. It is a new installation. On some computers it may take a full day to rebuild. Make sure you “Run as Administrator” and keep it syncing for a while (as in a whole day). Also, make sure you have at least 25GB of free space on the drive you are installing.

Thank you for responding, but the application literally won’t even open anymore even after uninstalling and reinstalling. I’ve even tried restoring on the adalite wallet. I can see my last transactions but not my balance in Ada. I know that my ada is on the blockchain and not actually in the wallet but I’m not sure how to get it back. Before I had problems synching but now when I try and open the wallet app it literally doesn’t do anything which is a little concerning. Thank you for reaching out and providing ANY solution. ( I do have 25GB free space)

When I go into the frame work I get and error message that says “Daedalus improperly started!” Daedalus was launched without needed configuration, Please start Daedalus using the shortcut provided by the installer

Maybe when you erased and reinstalled Daedalus it didn’t remove/update the shortcut from your desktop. It could happen in manual erase or if you have one of those programs that helps arrange your icons, like Fences.
Try going into you programs/apps list, find Daedalus folder, open it, right click on 'Daedalus Mainnet" and choose “Run as Administrator”. If it opens let it run for a while since it’s new installation.

thanks once again, I think I may have deleted it on accident. How do I find “Run as Administrator” on a Mac?

I’ve tried using the terminal and putting different command lines, but I’m not computer savvy and can’t get the app to run. I’m sure this maybe an easy fix for someone more computer literate. An advice on a resolution or a even a person that can help me would be greatly appreciated. (I’m just an old guy trying to learn a new trick)

Try guides like WIKI How. They usually are very easy to follow and offer step by step guides.

Thanks For the feedback you’ve been a great help. I’m unable to get the program to run, I think I’m gonna have to take my computer to someone who knows what their doing. Do you have any suggestions?

Maybe try switching to Yoroi or AdaLite wallet. They are not as resource intensive on hardware as Daedalus. Just recover your wallet using your 24 or 27 word recovery phrase.

I don’t suggest allowing anyone access to your wallet or hardware holding your wallet. Never give out your pass phrase or spending password.