After upgrading to 1.29 AWS relays not working

I have recently upgraded my AWS T2Large instances to 1.29. The nodes try to start syncing the block chain after a 10 minute start up, the node seems to then crash and restart multiple times, even dropping out completely. Grafana shows no block or slot height, 20 peers. The logs do not show the slot height increasing. These nodes are running 8gb ram, but am not having any issues with the nodes running 16gb.
cardano’s specs say the node can be run on 4gb?
Has the 1.29 update increased the required minimum specs for a node?

I have been having a little trouble running my BP on 8gb and also running cncli sync. I am on baremetal though. The cncli sync would crash a bit. But I am on 16gb now and everything is running fine.

I know IOHK have said that 1.29.0 doesn’t use any more RAM but I think 8gb is quite borderline now. Having said that you don’t need to jump to 16gb, just a few more gb might make it more stable.

After upgrading instance to 16gb of ram the nodes are still not working :drooling_face:

if you see in glive starting… type top - if the CPU is ~100% then have patience… the nodes will start

Glive cant connect to a running instance. My guess is that the node tries to start up and crashes and just loops. Ive let it run for hours with no luck

journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node

check for any erros… perhaps you don’t have the alonzo file?

if u are using cntools then the command is

journalctl -e -f -u cnode

Just realised that the 32gbs allocated was full :drooling_face: