After upgrade to 1.29.0, and rotated KES keys, producer and relays won't function


The title pretty much says it all. The pool was operating fine before I upgraded versions. Once I upgraded, sometime between now and then both relay nodes became inaccessible. I noticed this so I decided to try to fix it, and at the same time rotate my KES keys.

Since then, it seems both my relays and producer are stuck on “starting”. Also, my metadata hash does not match my registered hash anymore, and I can’t seem to finalize the transaction to update that due to this error: “Command failed: transaction submit Error: Error while submitting tx: ShelleyTxValidationError ShelleyBasedEraMary…” I am unsure if this is related to the producer not functioning properly, or something else.

Thank you for your help and let me know what I can provide to help solve this.

The servers require more than 8G of RAM, you will need min 10G of RAM

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Is this something new? Everywhere I look it says a minimum of 8GB. My producer, relay1, and relay2 all have 8GB of RAM each.

Is there a way I can be sure this is the issue and not something else?

Yeah I can confirm that for 1.29.0 8G it’s not enough… perhaps next version will use less, type

journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node and search for the killing message

I don’t know for sure but you can try to create aditional SWAP SPACE for servers (2-3G)