All ADA Cardano seem gone - account shows 0 with Trezor Model T / Ledger Nano S

I’m quite confused by your issue, with my little understanding you never need any seed words to recover a wallet in any software when using a hardware device… you need your seeds only to recover your device when reset it or buy a new one… your device which contain your private key is just plug an play, that’s it… that’s what I always did.

They’re talking about recovery keys of the hardware wallet (when you set up initially), nothing to do with Yoroi/ADALite

Indeed, You will never need to enter seed anywhere except the hardware wallet itself.

If you want we can talk in german to make sure you understand everything correct.

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Dear all,
I wanted to answer already last night, but was restricted by the 24-hour-newbee-limit.

Problem is solved !!!

Thank you very very much for all your great help, advice and support. I finally managed to access my funds. As assumed: the error was in front of the screen, meaning me :slightly_smiling_face:

I had no clue about the importance and the meaning of the passphrase. When I used the Trezor 2 years ago, I somehow thought that Passphrase is like a 2nd Password for the Trezor, and not an extra variable that basically changes all 24 word seed - and after 2 hours of testing possible passphrase words I eventually was right with a choice, and funds appeared. That was an honestly unexpected moment - I thought funds are gone, Trezor did not work, or cheater in the middle …

Well now … everything great again, happy wife, happy life.

Thanks a lot for your efforts and please excuse robbing your time! Strongly appreciated!
Best regards


Nice to hear that this case found a happy end! And of course you dont have to be sorry, we are here to help each other!



Nice to hear that we all could help you. :ok_hand:

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Hoping someone here can help. I posted this in another chain but no one replied. I seem to have a similar issue with my ledger, but don’t have a passphrase. Here is my Problem:
I’m hoping I can find some help here… Been going nuts for a while… I haven’t checked on my crypto in a while and with the recent spike wanted to move some coin around. On 5/29/19 I moved coin from Binance to what I’m sure was my ledger. I don’t remember what wallet I used, but I know it was one I had synced with my Nano S. I assume it was Yoroi as I had the extension installed in Chrome. I synced my Yoroi and Nano X (I purchased the X but previously had S and I reinstalled with my seed phrase). Given the date, I think it would have been Byron wallet. I synced Nano with Yoroi and AdaLite but it shows zero transaction history and zero coins. I searched the cardanoscan sight to make sure I made a transfer, and it shows the transfer in May 2019, but unfortunately I can’t tell where it went obviously.

I came across this post and it looks like a day after I made the transfer Yoroi had some issues with ADA.

Can anyone help. Any suggestions on how to locate the coins would be appreciated.

Your coins are not lost, they are still on the blockchain :wink:
Sorry I can’t be of much help, but 99.99% of the time, it’s a problem with entering the wrong password/seed phrase, and not a problem with the hardware or software, or the blockchain not working as expected.

It’s difficult for others on the internet to help you find, or remember, what passphrase to use.
Try using every combination of wallet passphrase’s you have to restore your wallet. I wish you luck.