All Time High Price Thread

Unless I am mistaken, ADA hit an all time high last night? Night of cinco de mayo.

Let’s have a thread for ATH comments, especially for traders.

For me: "Only a matter of time."

New here! I’m currently contemplating moving some of my crypto portfolio weighting into ADA as i am encouraged by the many use cases and promising growth potential…would you say, and this is directed more towards the long(er) term ADA holders, is now a good time to buy? Any related advice would also be appreciated.

:grinning:Welcome! - Exciting timing!

Hmmm…I am not sure @Aimer . I am unable to give you any advice, but now is a great opportunity to get to know the trading section within Cardano (ADA) !

I am not a “trader” myself, nor represent Cardano in any capacity but my own - and yes, there are many use cases and promising growth potential with ADA (Cardano) - I would agree with that.

I look into Cardano deeper than for just trading, but I can’t wait to learn what makes an ADA Trader motivated (besides ‘sick gains’).

What motivates you to trade, or specifically to trade ADA?

I believe, there will be other assets/token/coins that will fall under the Cardano ecosystem - much like how Ethereum has many coins on its platform - - - - - when this happens, I am sure the trading section will pump with excitement and activity! Will I see you then?..

Many people are totally confused about Market Cap and what it is exactly - this is an opportunity for teachers - natural or professional - to step up.

I hear different arguments about Market Cap - and how ADA can only (?)X so much and how a $1,000 ADA is never likely to occur. I am not a mathematics expert - so I promise to learn more about Market Cap from now on.


Someone please, post a meme or something to get this thread started! I did not get any sleep last night . . . that is the hard part - Crypto is global and as Charles mentioned “the sun never sets.”