All transactions which affects balance of account

Hello All,

Which type of transactions does Cardano provide that directly affects the amount/balance/ada of the account?

I mean for e.g., ada transferred from one account to other, in such case balance deducted from the sender and added to the receiver’s account. This is a normal amount transfer.
What other it supports?
transaction fees? rewards? miner rewards? Preformatted text


so perhaps the question is what type of certificate you can provide for a transaction

delegation, pool registration/retire, token creation, stake address creation…

I’m new to cardano and all its concepts.

So, want to explore more on which type of transactions it may contain.

Can you please share with me all which will affect on the balance of the account or any other reference document for the same?

Good question - but are you interested in those transactions which can be achieved by a wallet currently?

Yes, Could you please share?

I think currently besides what you described in the original post the only other transaction is delegation deposit.

Thank You So Much!

Can we list it down please?
1.Normal amount transfer
2.Transaction fees

Can you please tell me who will be the receiver of Transaction Fees and Deposit?