Am I screwed?

How many times did you try the recovery phrase @ScotterMonkey?
There should be a lockout after that many retries i believe.

Actually, Cardano is secure.

All the script does, is if you already knew for sure 11 of your 12 words recovery phrase, but are unsure about 1 word, it will give you the ~128 of 2048 possible words that can satisfy the recovery phrase checksum.

Cardano uses 128 bits of entropy for wallets. Missing 1 word off the recovery phrase means that you are uncertain about 11 out of 128 bits. The 4 bit checksum narrows that uncertainty down to ~7 bits.

Brute force the recovery phrase from nothing to try to get collisions with actual wallets is infeasible.

This post on stackoverflow illustrates the point quite well:


I like your idea regarding charity, and I’d be happy to donate it to the first charity that accepts ada.
In regards to discussing seeds on this forum, your right it could be unwise for beginners, but I think in this context people are just trying to help ScotterMonkey recover his wallet. I also think discussing how the recovery process works, ‘what are seed phrases anyway?’ and general knowledge sharing helps to educate the community so we can learn from others mistakes, and understand how to keep our ada secure. Human error is the biggest risk, and sharing knowledge and educating others is the best way to reduce this risk.

Ok I’m having same issue I have 12 words that I thought all were right so do I do the same thing @isferos going through number by number with the scrypt just seeing which ones it accepts?

Cause I have no idea about this program and the words it brings up for say word 0 gives most same words for word 1 , am I just trying every word it comes up with hoping something sticks

Most words wether I’m picking word 1 or 7 seen be same sub set of words

Great to see everyone helping out here :slight_smile: and the generosity from @ScotterMonkey Scott.

Good job guys!

Hey man. I thank you so much for list of word. I was lost because I thought I got right words and right sequence. But I didnt… :smile: After that I found your list of words I searched every single word… and I found two mistakes… Now I have my Cardano coins back :slight_smile: … Thank you :wink: !

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Hello! Can someone help me here? I can’t access my wallet with my 12-word recovery phrase. I’m 100% sure the phrase is correct. I have the password and know the name of my wallet, but it looks like just the 12-word phrase is important. What can I do?

@Martin_Heyam Hi, maybe you can try checking if you made a mistake in some word?

Here is a list of all words that are used as security phrase:


Problem resolved! Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank everybody.
I have one misspelled word too. I found the right word from mnemonic wordlist (with 2048 words) and have restored my wallet.
The first time, the wallet was with zero balance and no transactions and addresses different.
Then, I clicked the bottom button–Addwallet, and restored my wallet again. And got my right wallet with correct balance.


Thanks! So much help!

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I know, your post is already one year old and all the issues of this thread are solved but still I wanted to note that your proposal is not a good idea. You should use as few technical possibilities for attacks as possible.

If your computer is compromised and the attacker can see your screen, you’re screwed no matter what. If this is not the case, you are save when you write down your words with a pencil. Write it down three times to be save from typos.

If you take a screenshot or a photo and save that somewhere or print it out, you add possibilities for attacks. I I absolutely disadvise against doing that. Even writing it into a password safe is not completely save, if there is a keylogger at your computer. But for sure that’s still better than working with a screenshot or a photo.

You can use a DSLR camera or a point and shoot that takes photos and stores them to an SD card.

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It’s said many times before, but I feel obliged to point out that posting your amount of ADA isn’t a good idea. It’s like waving your millions of USD (that’s what it’ll be worth one day :grin:) around saying “try to rob me”.


I wanted to point out this Medium article by Tron Black. By far the best explanation I have seen as to how the magic works.

** Seeds of Freedom**
Have you ever wondered why crypto wallets are asking you to write down 12 words? …

128 bits gives us 2 raised to the 128th power combinations or roughly 340,282,366,920,900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 combinations.

As long as this SD card never goes to a computer with internet connection, ok. But I’m sure 99% of the people will read it on the same computer they use for internet.
The most simple approach is the most secure: Write it down by hand and write it down several times so you can be sure not to have typos in it.

or go to walmart with the sd card and print it :slight_smile: