Am I screwed?


and have a copy of your photo with the 12 words saved on the walmart computer cloud? If you like…


they are usually inserted directly into a printer … those arent necessarily in the “cloud”


I would guess they are connected to the internet for diagnosis, service, updates,…

Concerning crypto wallets I always assume the worst possible case and go for the KISS principle. The most simple and therefore secure form to write down the 12 words is still a pencil.


Well a pen probably has a better chance of staying legible in the long term, no?


Maybe, I don’t know. If in doubt: Use both and hammer the words into a stone tablet. Maybe you should get a larger safe deposit box for the stone tablet… :sunglasses:

But joking apart: I heard of people who engrave their words into a metal plate. That’s the kind of fireproof handwritten 12 words.


Then you have to kill the engraver… :smile:


Either that or do it yourself.:man_factory_worker:


Suicide? :grin:
Like QuadrigaCX CEO? :grin: