Amazing use of HD memory [solved, Daedalus takes space - that's a known problem]

I opened a wallet and made a small deposit but found Deadelus took up 9GB of HD memory! (yes GBs)
Is this a feature of Daedelus? (!) I need the space but don’t know how to reclaim it without risk losing my deposit. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Daedalus takes space to keep the full blockchain. In the next versions (~ 1.4) this will be improved, so it should take significantly less space.

  1. You can’t “reclaim” the space if you keep using the Daedalus

  2. You don’t need the Daedalus installed on your computer to store your ADA assets. Daedalus only required to create new wallets and to send transactions. Your coins are stored on the blockchain in the internet. If you don’t need to spend them right now - you can uninstall the Daedalus from your computer. As long as you have the 12 secret words securely stored - you can restore your ADA wallet in the Daedalus anytime.

So you can delete the Daedalus and use to check the balance of your address.

If your have 12 secret words securely stored and available!


Thank you for your advice Vantus.
I have to say I have never experienced anything quite like this before, I was astonished.
Can I verify whether my 12 words are correct before deleting the Daedelus?
Regards Pandatol
PS Also wouldn’t it be a great idea if newbies like myself were warned in advance about this system?
I nearly choked my computer not knowing anything about this. Perhaps there is a guidance note for newbies somewhere which I missed.

It seems like to be going very quick with the storage increasing, in jan wasn’t it like only 1-3gb?

It would be interesting since you are involved with making stats, perhaps keep a track of this, not sure how useful it is, but I can see the use of seeing/predicting what we are going to be dealing with in the future.

I guess the point is, that most people in the future wont be running a node, but just using the light wallet.

CH’s latest video update: bad design choices will be fixed soon, reducing blockchain storage to <1GB.


Good to hear, seemed to be running out of control quickly.