Deadalus access problems

Hi! When I launch deadalus it reaches 75% and the load stops, telling me that there is a problem. What should I do? I delete deadalus from my computer and re-install it? So doing I lose all my ADAs?
It was a year since I tried to access it…


no, your ADA i fine, as long as you have your 12 word key which you got when you created your wallet., you can restore everything using YOROI Chrome Extension.(Must be using Chrome Browser to use. download here.)

go HERE and watch from 5:40 it will show you how to transfer from DAELDALUS.

Food Luck!

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You could switch to using Yoroi, that’s probably easiest, but you could also download the latest version of Daedalus and install that. If you’re sure you have the correct 12 word restoration phrase you could firstly uninstall Daedalus and delete the data folder to avoid the migration stage. If you’re switching to Yoroi or deleting the data folder you don’t need to worry about that.