Ambassador Journal - Thomas Lindseth - February 2024

Hello everyone,

February has swiftly passed by, mirroring the non-stop pace of January. It’s been a month brimming with activity, as preparations, planning, and meetings have dominated my schedule to set current and future events into motion.

A special shoutout is due to the remarkable team I’ve had the privilege to work with on DRep workshops for the last few months. @Eystein_Hansen , @jmdegamboa , @YUTA_Oishi , @Ekow_Harding and @NeoCornelius .
In less than a month, we successfully conducted five workshops on five different continents, bringing together nearly 100 individuals to further develop the Ethical Guidelines and Code of Conduct for DReps. The overwhelmingly positive reception from the community only amplified the excitement surrounding the news that more workshops like these will be hosted in the near future. Stay tuned for further details on locations and dates.

In collaboration with my fellow ambassador, @bearicea , I’ve dedicated a significant amount of time to developing a beginner blockchain course for Konsensis. More information about Konsensis will be shared in a dedicated post in the near future.

I have also co-hosted a couple spaces this month.
You can listen to the replays here:
Who is Voltaire (CIP-1694)?! - Community $Fren space for @Ada_Peepos

Fund with $FREN`s - Community Fren space for @Ada_Peepos

Additionally, there are other exciting projects brewing in the shadows, awaiting the opportune moment for unveiling. I eagerly anticipate sharing more details when the time is right.

As March approaches, my aim is to increase my activity in hosting spaces. I’m hopeful that there will be enough time to do so in the middle of everything else going on.

Thank you all for your continued support and engagement. Here’s to a productive and fulfilling month ahead!

Warm regards,