Ambassador Journal -Thomas Lindseth - March 2024

Hello everyone,

March took an unexpected turn, but it was filled with positive twists and meaningful endeavors nonetheless. While I had hoped for more time to host spaces, a positive development led me to dive into planning three additional workshops after being offered sponsorship from the Cardano Foundation. As a result, much of March was dedicated to meticulous planning and logistics for these upcoming workshops.

In addition to workshop preparations, March marked the beginning of an incredibly rewarding journey as @bearicea and I started teaching a beginner course in Cardano for female refugees in Uganda through our recently registrered non-profit organization, Konsensis. The experience has been truly inspiring, witnessing the dedication and curiosity exhibited by the women participating in the course. I’m eagerly looking forward to continuing this journey and facilitating more opportunities for learning and empowerment.

I was able to host one space at the beginning of the month, discussing Cardano Native Tokens on Centralized Exchanges. Listen to the replay here

As March comes to a close, I’m grateful for the unexpected opportunities and meaningful experiences that have enriched the month. Here’s to more positive twists and impactful endeavors in the days ahead.

Warm regards,