Ambassador Stories, Journal #13 : Georg & Kornel

Welcome to the 13th journal of our “Ambassador Stories” series! :star_struck:

It’s been quite a while since our last journal. New stories will be shared with you, whenever new ambassadors join our ranks and provide their stories.
You’ll be able to enjoy the various, unique stories of our Cardano Community Ambassadors: what motivated, and still motivates them, to be part of this amazing and wonderful community?

The Cardano Community Team would also like to thank the Ambassadors for all their continued efforts and participation in sharing their stories with us. :writing_hand:

Please read all about Georg (@lodl_de) & Kornel (@cornl) down below! :open_book:

Part 1: Georg, Ambassador Moderator

Georg has been part of the old Cardano guarde for quite some time, and has been supporting the official and local communities since the early days of Cardano. Georg has recently become an ambassador after our unofficial German speaking community became official with Tommy Kammerer’s appointment to the Community Managers team. Georg was instrumental in getting a German speaking community on Telegram going, and will be assisting with moderation, and to help grow the German speaking community.

1) Tell us a little about yourself. What is your background?

My name is Georg, better known as @lodl_de I am 37 years old, happily married, father of two amazing children, and I live in Germany.
Even as a child, I was fascinated by IT. I was the quintessential nerd at school who made life difficult for some teachers because I tried to hack the school network.

I started my career as an IT administrator and then continued my studies in IT business economics. Currently, I have been working for an ISP as product manager for almost 13 years.
I am interested in Internet Marketing, SEO and Data Analysis, and of course, everything Blockchain related.

2) How did you get interested and involved with Blockchain/Crypto?

I had my first experiences with Bitcoin in 2014. At that time, I didn’t even know what a blockchain was. For me, cryptocurrencies were just an option to pay online. Today, when I look at the history of my crypto payments, I still ask myself "Why did you spend it on such nonsense?”

I am also one of those who, in October 2017, became really aware of the topic again when the last Bull Run started its flight. Of course I blindly bought every token that was hyped.

I became aware of Cardano in December 2017, and only then did I realize that a Blockchain project could add value to the general public, and that’s how my journey has begun.

In spring 2018, in consultation with the admins of the official Cardano Group, I created a German-speaking Cardano Telegram community, which was also supported by the Cardano Foundation as an unofficial group.

At the same time, I became aware of the Traxia Foundation’s project with the aim of "Making trade finance accessible to every company, anywhere on the Blockchain”. The project received funding from EMURGO.

I support this project as best as I can and I am an admin in the official Traxia Telegram Group.
What currently makes me very happy is that my initial unofficial German-speaking Cardano group has now become an official Cardano Group, since October this year.

3) Why Cardano?

The first guiding principle that impressed me was actually “bank the unbanked”. For me as European, it is frightening that in many parts of the world many people do not have access to the financial system. And that is what needs to be changed urgently to stop corruption and theft.

Of course, I admire the people who work for Cardano/IOHK/Emurgo. Personally, I could only get to meet Dr. Lars Brünjes, but he impressed me a lot.

4) How are you contributing to the Cardano Ecosystem as an Ambassador?

Together with other members and ambassadors of the German-speaking Cardano community (@chris282 @Gufmar @engelmatt @ADATommy), I hope to continue supporting the community in this area. Of course, I am open to further tasks.

5) What is your future vision for the Cardano Ecosystem?

I hope, of course, that Cardano’s vision will be successful and that it will prevail, especially in underdeveloped countries where the need is greatest. The Education Program is a very good way to move this forward. Hopefully, the cooperation with governments will also be strengthened, and who knows we may see a national currency as a stable coin on the Cardano Blockchain in the future.

6 ) What is your personal message to the Cardano community?

At a time when Scams are still a common practice on the crypto scenes, I would like to share my favourite saying with the community: “Don’t Trust. Verify!"

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—The End of Part 1.


Part 2: Kornel, Ambassador Translator:

Kornel reached out to us a few months back, as the first Polish translator. By then, he had translated several articles from our ecosystem and also our newsletter. Cornel is also our first Polish Cardano Ambassador ever! Please give him a warm welcome to the community and ambassador ranks! Thanks for your support Cornel!

(Looks like Kornel is wearing a ‘blockchain’ sweater! :sunglasses:)

1) Tell us a little about yourself. What is your background?

My name is Kornel, 30 and I work as an anesthesiologist. I am also a happy husband and father. Since childhood I was interested in new technologies, developing web pages in high school, trying some programming stuff - before the decision to become a doctor I thought I become an IT guy. So when I learned more about blockchain it caught my attention.

2) How did you get interested and involved with Blockchain/Crypto?

I encountered bitcoin around 2012 when I was running a small internet store with electronics for a few months (to make some cash during my studies), I used it purely as a way of fast international payments. And did not dig deeper, nor HODL any. However, I got interested and involved in the community in mid-2017 and I count this date as my real beginning with the blockchain. It was a friend of mine who told me about crypto, I recalled my short history from 2012 and started reading more, more, more and more :slight_smile: Discovering new projects which eventually lead me to Cardano…

3) Why Cardano?

Cardano has the approach I enjoy: evidence-based, properly researched solutions and technology. I got excited with the direct contact that the team has with the community. The idea itself behind the project is also great. Luckily my country is rather “banked” enough, there are a lot of places when it is a real problem. Easy and transparent payments with ada can also be a game changer as current methods are, simply speaking, imperfect. And this is just the beginning.

4) How are you contributing to the Cardano Ecosystem as an Ambassador?

As I have no real technological background (but I keep working on it) and wanted to contribute somehow, I decided to become a translator for Cardano. Even though English is an international language, meeting a lot of people from the Polish community made me realise there is still a language barrier. My aim is to remove this problem by providing high-quality translations of the most important Cardano materials, both written and spoken and spread them along the Polish community. I have been doing that for some time already, now I decided to focus on Cardano particularly. As I tend to think big, I also have other plans for the future, but it is better to “do things” than to talk about them. With this, hopefully you will see the results of my efforts in an undisclosed time in the future :slight_smile:

5) What is your future vision for the Cardano Ecosystem?

With the current approach, stable development and community support Cardano Ecosystem has got to be successful. I believe Cardano solutions can really make a change in developing countries as well as the “developed” ones.

6 ) What is your personal message to the Cardano community?

Great to be here with you! I am sure the future is going to bring us a lot of joy and positive surprises. Even though bitcoin is almost 11 years old we are still in the beginning. And as some wise man said: ask not what Cardano can do for you, ask what you can do for Cardano. Or something like that :wink:

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—The End of Part 2.

We are truly blessed with such motivated community members we have in our ecosystem! Thank you all for reading, and don’t forget to leave your comments/likes and give our Ambassadors some Cardano community :heart: and follow their work!:100::muscle:

Until next time, with new people and new Ambassador Stories! :wave: