Android wallet app not showing balance

Hallo Cardano mates!

Thanks for accepting me to join your forum.
I had downloaded the Android wallet from google store yesterday and sent my cardano coins from Binance to the new android wallet. The transaction was registered sent as from Binance and I also confirmed from the cardano explorer. But on the wallet there is no balance even after upgrading the app. The wallet is still at 99% sync. Please assist with your advice and wayforward to save my coins.

What is the Android wallet name?

If you got the 12-word passphrase, you can download the Daedalus desktop wallet and use the 12-word passphrase to import other wallet.

You’ve been scammed I’m afraid …
No Android Wallet as far as I know, but many scam app reported every week.

You send your ADA - “They” get your ADA


THe wallet app is Daedulus wallet ADA wallet. Invented with

This was my fear. Is there any way I can report this and get a refund of my coins?

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There is no Android Wallet available, it’s a fake wallet.

@SoulHooper I’m very sorry to see this - please be aware that the only official wallet is available here

There are no current smartphone wallets.

Please everyone, be vigilant and safe. We have reported the fake app.

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This is such bad news for me. I was really hodln on these coins knowing they will appreciate this year…how can be compensated?

Can we report this to Google or something?
I see Tom started a subreddit, but maybe there’s something more we can to protect the community.
This is very disconcerting :\


Hi @rin9s - as soon as we hear about these scam wallets we immediately report it to Google via the Play store reporting site.

Anyone can do so here >> and we would ask if people would also help and report the scam app. Thank you :pray:

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@SoulHooper we on the attack to take down scam mobile apps, websites and social media accounts. I have reported to Google via various mediums that they need to take action here. We do our best to protect the community and we are ramping up our efforts and improving our process to shut scams down as quickly as possible.

It personally makes me extremely sad when I see people in our community losing funds to scammers. :frowning:


These wallet scams are on rise, Daedalus team should really consider releasing their mobile apps to further prevent such happening in future.

Shawn Yadav

Right now we are capable of telling other’s that there is no mobile app, so its actually safer, when there is a official mobile app is when it will get more confusing for people, scammers going to scam.
Be careful with your money.