【ANIMETA】 カルダーノブロックチェーンのNFTで日本のアニメ作品を目覚めさせましょう。

NFT Anime exhibition_2
We build an anime museum like an anime world on the metaverse based on 3D technology, WEB3, and the Cardano blockchain platform. ANIMETA allows artists to code their own products in NFT and display it on the Metaverse space built as a platform. Anime artists, authors, or investors can exhibit their products in 3D and manage their own assets based on the Web3 technology we integrate into the platform.
The core technologies (NFT, WEB3, Metaverse, and Cardano blockchain) previously explored by the project development team, ensure the construction of a true art space for digital asset owners, and a new world of Anime is formed. We believe that ANIMETA helps artists satisfy their creativity, ownership, security, and forever storage in the internet space, which helps the Anime, and manga market to grow faster when they are applied using Cardano’s blockchain technology.
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The success of ANIMETA is bringing more anime artists to Cardano technology, and more investors holding ADA through our platform, attracting a lot of new people to Cardano and trading. The project contributes to the richness of the dApp ecosystem on Cardano, contributes to the development of the Anime industry, and shapes the future of digital assets for Anime.
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