Antivirus shows `Conduit` as threat when running wallet [solved, Bytefence antivirus problem]

When i run Cardano wallet, Bytefence show like this. It’s locate in logs folder of Cardano.

Just to add context

@nguyenh93, can you please tell us where exactly in “Cardano” did you find this file?

C:\Program Files\Daedalus\resources\app\installers.stack-work\logs
It’s shows on this. I don’t know why anti-virus shows as a threat.

I think Bytefence might confuse this file with a “web browser search hijacker” malware of the same name:

But I don’t have access to a windows machine atm to check whether my installation contains the same file. MacOs installation - does not.

If someone is on Windows right now and have Daedalus of the latest version - check if you have this file, please.

Ok, @nguyenh93, we got confirmation that other people also have this file in their system ( and also have ESET antivirus on max. security settings and it causes no problems.

“conduit-1.3.0” itself is a legit software library -

So I think it’s the Bytefence issue for confusing this file with a malware of the same name :slight_smile: You may try to add this file into “ignore list” if Bytefence allows it.


Thanks for your answer. I added it to ignore list as you said. Thanks a lot.