Need help - Daedalus automatically deleted shortcut


Need help. I was starting up Daedalus wallet and blockchain synchronization was going on. Abruptly wallet closed. When I clicked on the Daedalus shortcut on my windows 10 PC, it shows problem with shortcut ‘The item cardano-laucher.exe’ that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly.

Could someone help urgently please?

I recently moved 50 % of my ADA holding to Daedalus for testnet staking. What would have happened to the wallet? It got auto deleted?. I have McAfee LiveSafe running with license and up to date virus definitions. So I don’t think the system is compromised. Please help how to restore wallet or find the reason why it happened. I checked recyle bin; exe is not there. Also, exe file cannot be deleted while it is running. So I am not sure what would have happened?

I found the issue. My McAfee LiveSafe quarantined cardano launcher exe. Anyone experienced this issue before? Any suggestions how to restore please?. or Shall I just restore from quarantined items?

I did checksum when I downloaded Daedalus before installing. Wallet was working everyday without any issues but not sure how quarantine happened today?

its fine… mcafee is just rubbish, add an exception to mcafee for daedalus and then restore the executable from quarantine

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Resorting from quarantine didn’t work. So I raised a support ticket with IOHK. Suggestion from them was to reinstall and restore wallet which I did now. They also suggested to disable my antivirus during wallet operations. I think it may not be good considering security risks. I just added ‘cardano-launcher.exe’ to my firewall permission list. Hope it will not repeat again.

Not familiar with McAfee but this really isn’t a firewall related issue, there should probably be another list of programs to be ignored. A firewall doesn’t normally quarantine programs, it just stops them communicating.

I am not sure but McAfee has an option to configure which program can access internet for both inbound and outbound. I saw that cardano-node.exe and Daedalus.exe is automatically configured there while we install the wallet but cardano-launcher.exe was missing. I added it. I hope it will work.

Cardano-launcher.exe does not need to access internet (I’m 90% sure). But that wasn’t the problem anyway, was it? Yes McAfee has a firewall function, but your original description of the issue did not suggest the firewall was a factor. There is a function, called different names by different antivirus programs, that monitors programs for suspicious activities, which might include communications, but as I said, firewalls don’t normally quarantine programs. Anyway, I think familiarity with McAfee would be required to take this any further, so I’ll bow out now.

May be you are right. I do not have much knowledge on this area. What I observed was my cardano-launcher.exe was deleted and I could see it in the quarantine area. I hope the problem will not repeat.