Anyone else feel like you've missed the boat on Crypto?

There will come a day when buying ADA for 1$ will be the biggest boat of all time to miss out on.

We are all early, this forum alone is proof. Cardano is this massive crypto monster and theres like, 40 replies in this thread, and its one of the biggest ones.

Crypto is literally just getting up onto its legs. Its a tiny chicken that JUST got out of its egg.

We have so much farther to go.

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The problem is the instant gratification society we are living in.

The 1$ boat may even not stay ashore for much long.


I wouldn’t be surprised if ADA drops back to $0,70-ish within this year and I actually find that healthy.
The February surge was unreal and brought many “when moon” investors to ADA. As the price stays stagnant I can imagine them shifting to any coin that shows green on the charts.

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A drop like that, with what is happening on the network and the ecosystem, would IMHO be very bad, it would be signalling newcomers that Cardano isn’t afterall what is said to be, hence holding them.

But there are many factors to account beside the fluctuations, so ultimately the price is a double-edged sword.

Don’t forget that those investors gave a boost to Cardano credibility; along with that they can’t cut short their position ATM so will be here for a while.

Take in consideration that only 54%, roughly, of the ADA HODLers are making a profit, thus making Cardano a busy network despite what one might think; another ATH would bring more credibility to the network = more ADA holders = more decentralization and so on.


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@Michele_H If your son was involved in any gaming forums he could have been testing wallets and test mining as early as 2005 (that I know of). there was another coin name before BTC but I don’t remember the name and I don’t think it was ever launched to the public just a test project.
The way politics is headed Im betting over 100 million people are looking at Gold and Crypto right now, and this looks like a great project so you all hang in there and you will likely do very well IMO (for what its worth)! Great community btw!

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What a nice story!
I’m also joined the crypto scene very late. But I think it will still develop much more in the next years. I don’t look so much at the value of the coins, it’s more of interest what is the value of the single blockchain and the projects have been build on it.

All the best