Anyone in the IOHK, Cardano Foundation talking to Coinmetro in EU?

I’m amazed that IOHK and the CF are not in talks with Coinmetro over in Tallinn, Estonia (a EU Crypto Hub) to list ADA on their exchange and to provide Staking as a Service before Coinbase do it. They seem to be the most legit exchanges on the planet and are over compliant and extremely transparent as regards regulation and the need to be ahead of the game with regards to being highly regulated, KYC and crypto related financial products. They may be a bit biased towards Ethereum because it allowed them to do their ICO and raise funds. But for the life of me I cannot understand how the powers that be haven’t reached out to these guys to encourage a listing and maybe swing they agonist ERC20 token to a Gougen based one in a few months.

I’ve be asking Coinmetro CEO, Kevin Murcho when ADA will be listed for a year now and it seems no one from IOHK or CF have them on their radar. This exchange are genuinely good for the crypto industry.

Like Charles Hoskinson, Kevin Murko has been doing weekly AMA’s on Coinmetro’s Youtube channel and I can’t understand why the projects haven’t partnered up somewhat. I think it would be a super partnership.

Their TG channel is well moderated and CEO is active in there posting voice messages. It would be no harm to hear a few of his messages to see what his take is on the whole industry as a whole or check out a few of his AMA’s.