Avoid the smalls documents of the wallet

Good afternoon,

I’m a beginner, my understanding of the chain is limited but I have always the same question going and going in my mind. One big issue of the wallet is the numbers of files about the transactions, and it is a problem for a lot of people.

a) Is it possible to create bigger files where we can find the transactions so we can avoid the millions micro files? Like create a color or using a symbol to stakes the historical data of the chains. For example all the transactions of the 12/01/2018 gmt are tagged in an hexodecimal color or symbol. When you have all the transactions you create random archive/nodes to stack randomly an X quantity of transactions. So to confirm you just have to follow the colored tag.

If we have 131072 archive/nodes and the circulating ADA are today about 25,927,070,538 ADA we can get 197 808 ADA each nodes. That would be faster and lighter.

Is it possible? Is it useless? And why?

Thank you

I’d guess anybody who has the knowledge required to give you a good answer is too busy using it to answer such questions!

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