Bakrypt's Blockchain Tokenization Extension for WooCommerce

Hello everybody!

We’re excited to introduce the beta version of our WooCommerce extension for product tokenization into the Cardano Blockchain. Tokenize existing products from your eCommerce store into NFTs and include the fingerprint in any order related to these tokenized products! It’s free to download and it also includes testnet features.

WordPress Plugin Directory - Bakrypt Blockchain Tokenization

Let me know if anybody is interested in contributing to this project! We’re more than happy to get some support over this!

Show some love and support for our projects by simply staking with our pool! We’ve been working really hard to contribute to the ecosystem!


Looks like a nice integration to have available. Will you be putting a documentation page on about the WP plugin? :face_with_monocle:

p.s. never mind, I can see all the docs are on the GitHub page (GitHub - Wolfy18/bakrypt-wc-extension) but as a sometime WP developer I think it would be helpful for the WP plugin page to link here at least :nerd_face:

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@COSDpool Thank you! That is totally true! We are going to add more documentation about the plugin to the Bakrypt API reference as well.

We’re still developing more features for this integration, we believe there’s still a lot to do although its good to put it out there to get feedback from other people too!


@Famulenuz Thank you!

Our beta version performs basic functions that generate a mint transaction to create an NFT linked to a product. This means that any order containing this product will carry the asset fingerprint in the invoices, receipts, emails, and other relevant documents.

Additionally, the plugin includes a feature that allows users to upload media files directly from the Media section of WordPress to our IPFS node.

If you need any assistance with the plugin, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re also happy to consider any feature requests or requirements that you may have for the code.