Balance "0" In Eternl Wallet after pool delegation

A little over a year ago I made a delegation of ada tokens to a pool in the Eternl wallet.
I maintained the balance for a while, but after restoring the wallet the balance it gave me was “0” zero. I have proof that the transaction was made to the pool but I don’t know if there is a way to recover my token from this wallet. Thanks for any help.

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What do you mean by that? If you are delegating to a pool, you dont transfer your tokens to that pool. So if you sent your ADA anywhere, you probably have been scammed.

Could you please post one of your receiving addresses to check your wallet on a explorer?

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Sorry, the information you provided is too little.

During the staking period, did you make any transactions? Do you check your wallet balance regularly? Or is this your first time checking since delegation?

Please provide your wallet address so the community can check the details for you. Or you can check by yourself through blockchain explorer like,,

Note: As @Zyroxa said above, ADA is never locked when you stake in a certain pool. This means your assets do not move out of your wallet in an delegation transaction.

Hello Zyroxa
Regarding to CardanoScan it still shows that my tokens were delegated to the pool called Dshin but my eterln wallet is empty and doesnt show even no balance in the staking section.
Here is the address of UTxO Output(s)


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So according to the data shown on Cardanoscan you delegated your tokens 2 years ago to this pool and there are still ~500 ADA left on the address.

If you dont see any funds there might be a syncing issue with Eternl.

Try to restore your wallet on with your seedphrase (if you are using a hardware wallet simply connect it with Typhon and do not use your seedphrase in that case).


Hello Jimmy
The action I took was to delegate my tokens but I never made any transactions to anyone.
I checked my balance regularly but after resetting my computer, the balance appeared at zero. I used my secret phrase, and although I was able to access my eternl wallet without problems, I realized that a transaction from my ada to dshin appeared when in fact I had delegated.
As I mentioned to Zyroxa, Cardanoscan shows my delegation to the pool but in my wallet I do not have zero in the Balance. I would like to get my tokens back (if that were possible), but I don’t know how.

UTxO Output(s) addr1q9e8wdl4jh8vmgqvwdnur0hh7myuckcsvypvp2ngug3gr8rt4prq3tf78trpeh8fzcvg3nteus23q07ue23kkt2rcwesjetfq0

Transaction Id

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This is your account status. There are a total of 500 ADA in your wallet.

  • The address you provided me currently has 164 ADA, it once had a transaction with Meld Dapp and you withdrew it to your wallet.
  • The remaining address has 303 ADA
  • 32 ADA is your stake reward, you haven’t claimed it yet but it still belongs to you. Just make a reward withdraw transaction

Conclusion: Your wallet currently has a balance of 500 ADA recorded by the blockchain.
Your problem may be the failure to synchronize between the Eternl wallet app and the blockchain. Perhaps the reason is that you have not used the wallet for a long time and have not updated the latest wallet version.

The solution is as @Zyroxa mentioned above, use the secret phrase and restore your wallet using other wallet apps like Typhon, Yoroi, or Eternl… (latest version)

Here are the download links so you can do that:
=> List of Wallets - Support FAQ
double check => Showcase | Cardano Developer Portal

P/s: Don’t worry, those 500 ADA are still owned by you. Just restore that wallet using a wallet app like I mentioned above. The key point here is that you own or retain the secret phrase

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That does not look like a transaction to the stake pool. As all have told you, delegating never sends ADA anywhere. And you usually do not even have the address of the stake pool to send ADA to.

It more looks like you had two different wallets or two accounts in the same wallet.

The first one,, was never delegated to any stake pool and just has two transactions, receiving 470 ADA in May 2021 and sending them completely to another wallet/account in January 2022.

The second one,, received these 470 ADA and a few more deposits and was delegated to DSHIN in January 2022 and hasn’t been touched since March 2022.

You need to find that second wallet/account. Either you have another seed phrase or you activated additional accounts for the one wallet you have.