Plz help.. Yoroi wallet balance became zero

Hi, I just staked the ADA to Hodla pool from my android yoroi wallet app 4 days ago.
( Txid : 59909d11012afabe42a03a3c78254b0691acf0c2339ae4fbd24585b694c12632 )
( Pool ID : ed40b0a319f639a70b1e2a4de00f112c4f7b7d4849f0abd25c4336a4 )

And then, today I run the app and found my ADA balance suddenly became zero.

Dashboard and all the status shows my balance is zero.

To clear this problem, I uninstalled the app and restored my wallet with my correct seed phase many times, but my balance is still zero.

Why does this happened and how can I restore my ADA?

Plz help me…

Same problem here, think its display error, so i am waiting, and i send claim to YOROI support.

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See here : My ADA from YOROI Wallet are gone

Thanks. I`m gonna send claim to YOROI support to, too.

Hmm… just wait…