Basic: Are there different types of Cardano Nodes? How to Set up a node on Windows Machine?

I am very much beginner in Cardano. I want to setup a Cardano node on my Windows Machine. I tried searching stuff and i end confusing my self with different Node name. Are there different types of Nodes in cardano? How to set up a node on Windows MAchine?
I tried IOHK Github but the source cod ehave some paths issue? If I run simple Cardano-node.exe run … it keeps on working ? how long it must take? Need guidance please help.
Long term Goal is to Mint Native Tokens.

What do u want to do, to setup a pool or to run a simple node? For example Daedalus wallet is a full node.

in a long run i wish to mint native tokens. right now i want to set up a node. Daedalus is a node i understand and right now its syncing with network but i want to setup a node myself so i understand the working. I tried GitLab caradno node but it ran into error. I want to install it on windows machine. Guide me please Your help will be highly appreciated.

install VM on your windows, install ubuntu server and use, but if u will want only a node then just build the node and sync it with the network, don’t create wallets ore pool kes