Batch payments or air drop for ADA

Our small team of Cardanians in Côte d’Ivoire has 2 presentations planned next week.

About 100 students from 2 universities will be introduced to Blockchain, Cardano and Yoroi. As an incentive to keep the students interested even after our presentation, we’re going to give each of them 1USD worth in ADA.

We are looking for a way to do this efficiently. Right now we are looking into the guild-opartors 's bash scripts but we don’t want to reinvent a (squared) wheel.

So we ask do you know of an open code base for setting up a simple and secure ADA air drop system ?
Something with a web interface where users would register their adress and on the bakend one can check the adress, set an amount and run a payment script in batch.

This could be entirely command line on linux

Thank you


I think using the cardano-wallet backend would be a great choice…

the only problem with that the tool is connecting to a cardano-node via the socket file - means the wallet should run on the same machine as the cardano-node itself

I understand. Thank you. I think the experience I got setup my node will be usefull here.

yes - but at least here is only a relay node is needed… and the tarball for cardano-wallet contains all the necessary binaries - like the node itself.