Beautiful web, promising developement, $0.08

Is there anyone can explain why this cardano coin price below act like shit coins?

Because people don’t investigate it, can’t see the difference.

Not so trivial to investigate tech if one does not understand basic math formalism behind each coin, but who does that … Easier way out is admiring programming language choice Haskell (wow) , maybe Erlang is next :slight_smile:

One can also look into technical “publications” , however be aware that any pdf document on the web does not necessarily mean peer reviewed publication

Now what people can do is to listen public presentations but even that sorcery became saturated, forcing people to choose who is better speaker, not necessarily which coin is going to touch the stars in the future.

I like to see business model behind each tech and real life applicability. Cardano made its choice and at that point I made my own decisions.

I still tend to think that all coins are elegant way to scam people for fiat, regulations may fix part of the problem, real life applicability of current tech will decide the winner(s) if any …

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I suppose you would make some kind of relation to $#!#coins only cause of the price, it amazes me that people would even make a comparison or mention cardano in the same breath, these shitcoins you mention were only named as such by known btc maximalist’s back in the day that stood on the idea that the btc protocol was the only route for decentralized currency - shitcoins were copy paste code of protocols developed back then, to bring cardano into a conversation relating it to shitcoins in some way cause of its price just kind of blows me away, cardano is built from the ground up - in its own language - with its own game theory protocol - through a globally recognized scientific approach that was developed through recognized and respected higher education institutions that is attached to the credentials of the Men and Women working on the project - with the environment considered in it’s development.
Mostly the price reflects the lack of knowledge in the crypto sphere right now, the love for bitcoin and other coins from the many thousands they made wealthy has those people thinking there is no better way for crypto currency, so they keep promoting those coins that made them profit, pushing pumps and spreading any little bit of news that comes along - its viral marketing - and with them being first to market they hold an advantage in the marketplace - cardano does not promote hype and wishes to grow organically - when $#!#coins have to rely on hype and have to rely on marketing - cause they offer nothing new.


I think there is a difference between not wanting to rely on hype and not doing any marketing.
Just because Cardano has a high quality product should not mean you cant market it to the general public.
I would say exactly the opposite and in my opinion healthy marketing is part of organic growth.
Its a bit extreme to say "hey, we have the best cryptoproject in the space (which in my opinion is true) but we are not going to market it as we would like everybody to find out for themselves…

Marketing something that’s not ready is hype.


Charles mentioned during an interview with Crypto Crow they are waiting with a marketing for Shelley to be out.

Lack of marketing, Shelley delay, more devs in ETH. Will likely still be around when all the shit coins get crushed, then maybe price appreciation. I’ve been looking at Algo…interesting. Charles was right about them being competition. Very competent group of people over there too.

Until staking, smart contracts and decentralization goes live, Cardano is still a work in progress. IMHO - until those things happen, we will not see a rise in price. Right now the investors are holding and the speculators are complaining.

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lol $0.06 btw

Exactly. We have to wait, Cardano is in development and I think things is really going on.

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Made more off of trades of Algo. I hate to say it but that project is moving at light speed. Community size is shite but early adoption has its promises. Mainnet came out really fast. I’ve tried txs and it is faster than shite. I have a feeling these folks might be into something. It’s scattered though cause the official site doesn’t list official wallets for IOS and Android. I had to find out from telegram. If is lightning quick though with recorded finality to the explorer in seconds. I hope Cardano will be the same or better. The other thing is they have taken the preferable approach for me…patented (pending) tech, open source, US focused. The result is a large number of partnerships and increasing. If the US bans crypto then this is a total loss and CH woukd be right on the emerging markets bet. Still think US is the way to go though. We’ll see.