Lack of Cardano hype and popularity

I have been following cardano only since October. Despite it being in development for a couple years now and it having the 18th/19th largest market cap according to, I still rarely see it discussed on Twitter. This could be due it being mainly a Japanese coin, but with such a strong team and whitepaper, why doesn’t it see more hype? Granted the ICO only ended in Jan and it only being listed on Bittrex for a few weeks I understand it’s just in it’s infancy. Anyone else seeing it discussed more anywhere in else. It has to only be a matter of time before it blows up.

Google trends does indicate that it’s trending more recently.

It is important to manage expectations.
Personally, I’m very glad Cardano is not doing aggressive marketing and announcements of announcements.
And I’m very interested in tech itself, even start learning some Haskell :smile: