Beginner's Questions On My First Delegation

Hi Adam,

I just went through process once again. Must say, at first I was a bit affraid not to earn anything because that’s what was said about rewards (0,00 ADA). But, then again, I didn’t want to back my words as you really helped me, and I usually keep my word. So, I proceeded and it was exacty the number you provided to me (00333b89543da962cc92e7ffa45848f42a98f7276780670728ce5256). Also, meantime I went to your page (pool page) and saw what you are doing, so I said to myself “this is my kinda guy”. My ADA is finally staked. Stay well. Hope we hear again some time.





Thank you so much, I really appreciate ur support!

that’s what was said about rewards (0,00 ADA) -
it’s saying this when u select my pool?


When I go through pool parameters on “stake pools” part in Daedalus. When I click on yours, on the bottom “potential rewards” that’s what is says. I still staked, just tought maybe will be rewards after some blocks are confirmed.

For sure u will receive rewards

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How does one delegate specific coins and NOT the whole wallet?

What do u mean?
Perhaps has more wallets?


To ask another way, is it true that the only way to delegate is through a wallet and that all ADA in that wallet are delegated? If that is the case then I assume creating an explicit wallet like “Staking Wallet” along another like “Primary Wallet” would make sense. I think that is what you were suggesting, more than one wallet.

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When u delegate, a stake key is generated for the wallet/address so all the amount in that wallet will be delegated

The point of more wallets was only if your intentions were to delegate to more pools.


I meant that it would be better to perhaps create a transactional wallet that doesn’t automatically stake and one that is set to stake only when coins are moved into it. Just to facilitate a little more control about when things happen with the Daedalus wallet. Thanks for you prompt responses. I am prepping for my first delegation so don’t want to be surprised.

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Ok, Happy delegation!

Hi everyone👋🏻im new to the forum.
I have a couple of questions.
Hope someone can help me.

While staking ADA on Yoroi, does ‘’total output’’ mean the amount of ADA thats staking?
And deposit, is that the amount that you are rewarded?
Or am I doing it all wrong?

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If I not wrong:
deposit - ada which cand pe spend anytime
Total Rewards - rewards received from staking
Total output- Available funds + Total Rewards (rewards are automatically delegated but in order to be spend need to be withdraw)

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I’ve delegated all my ada to dew staking pool, 5 days ago.
But still no rewards are showing up, but it’s only 5 days ago, maybe that’s the case?

And when I’m on the Yoroi wallet, I can see that all my funds are delegated but still no rewards?

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the rewards are delayed with 2 epoch, please see below the process from first delegation till first reward (3 epoch)


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Thank you sir😊

Hey folks,
So I totally understand it takes 3 Epocs to get your first rewards, but doesn’t daedalus indicate in someway what rewards are ‘coming’?

Its a bit disconcerting to go into ‘rewards’ and 0.00000ADA. Is there somewhere before the 3 Epochs are complete to see what you will get?


The rewards are 2 epoch delayed… u can see only with 1 epoch before (when rewards are calculated) hiw much ada u will receive… but not on daedalus I think… u can see on


Hi everyone, I’m new forgive my English but I’m using a translator …
I recently entered this world and I have a lot of problems. I wanted to ask someone nice if he could help me in choosing the stake pool. When I click on one of them, the information is displayed:

  • Saturation
  • Rank
  • Live episode
  • Pool margin
  • Pledge
  • Cost per epoch
  • Product blocks
  • Potential awakenings

Can someone kindly tell me which parameters to consider important for the choice of the pool?
Thanks a lot to those who will help me :slight_smile:

Hey and welcome @Lancillotto

There is a guide on how to select a pool : Cardano Community Support FAQ

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Hello Fabian!
Thank you very much, I hope I understand something :slight_smile: