Beirut Ada Pool " BEY "

I am happy to announce the Beirut Ada Pool is live with ticker " BEY ". Now, I will start creating educational materials and support my fellow stake pool operators SPO in their journey.


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If you need to change your pledge, fee, margin, pool IP/port, or metadata? Simply resubmit your stake pool registration certificate.

If you’re changing your poolMetaData.json, remember to calculate the hash of your metadata file and re-upload the updated poolMetaData.json file before you resubmit your stake pool registration certificate.

By the way, registering pool certificate is different from registering a stake pool which requires a deposit of 500 Ada.

In my case for the Beirut Ada Pool “BEY”, I started with 15% margin cost and 100 Ada pledge. I have resubmitted the registration certificate with 3% margin cost and 15K Ada pledge.
You can confirm the operation is successful on

Hello friend. this is exactly what i need to do. can you explain how to reregister my pool? i used cashew tutorial to do it. i appreciate your kind help