Binance to Daedalus Wallet - deposit address short 3 character strings


for some reason the when copy and paste addresses from Daedalus wallet to Binance (withdraw) field, the address appears to be short 3 characters… it only appears to be short the last 3 characters in VIEW… as i am using Chrome Browser for this. to test the address is not missing the characters, i did the following: in Binance (withdraw field) i highlighted as much of what can (after i had pasted the address from Daedalus) be highlighted in view and redo a copy/pasted onto another notepad… and it indeed shows all characters.

there seems to be a characters limit in view under that field while using chrome browser.
is this a bug? has this been discussed?

would like to know if this is common. as i wouldn’t want others beginners to also worry about this same issue.


There was someone with the same problem.

This is the comment that solves the issue.