Binance ADA wallet transfer

So I just saw that binance is allowing withdrawal for Cardano ADA, however when I am pasting my Daedalus wallet address to binance I just noticed the last 2 alphabets of my wallet address are not there I mean I can manually enter them however my question is. IS this normal ? I used the copy function of the Daedalus wallet and also made sure on the notepad the address was pasting correctly seems like it just for some reason on binance it is not showing last two alphabet every time. has anyone else has notice this ???

Hi @gaurav, this is normal. Do not enter the last 2 manually because the problem is the binance UI.

Please check this Post / thread .


Thank you very much for your reply I believe Binance Again stopped withdrawal for Cardano. So you are saying Just paste directly and I can Transfer Once it begins even though it Does not show last two alphabets or so ? I did check the thread you were referring too It said it will save the wallet I am not sure is that after you make the first transfer or will it save it after I paste it and move the mouse to the next box. Anyhow Thank you so much for your reply and help. I really appreciate it Its my first time so I was very confused thank you !!! Will wait for your reply.

Thanks !

It will save it before the transfer, then you can click on the drop down arrow to verify the address. Personally I just check with notepad like you did (I double check the first 4 characters and the last 4 in notepad). Experience has taught me that it will paste the full address every time, but I guess better safe then sorry :slight_smile:.

Oh and if you are wondering what to put in the label box, you can name it anything you want.

I hope this helped!

Ah, Okay Thank you So much for your help I guess I will try once the Binance again let the withdrawals Thank you for your help once again. So I guess what I am understand is once I paste the address even though during the paste it does not show the last digits or so however Once I click on next box then again go back drop down and select it should then show the whole thing and then select and initiate the transfer. Once Again I cannot check it right now since they suspend the transfer again for now.

Thank you !!!

Yes, you are correct. It basically comes down to this: even though you can not see the last 2 characters, they have been pasted. You can then proceed to check with the drop down method if you are feeling paranoid :smile:.

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