Misstyped Send Address




I mistakenly double typed a recieve address into a ADA sent transaction from the Daedalus Wallet.

From addresses


To addresses

Transaction assurance level

High. 50 confirmations.
Transaction ID


I am guessing this is irreversable, just curious as to why a address double the orignal length is even a possible address to send to? I already understand it is user error, with other address’s sending and recieving usually there is a checkmark after a correct length is put it, slight user error corrector.

Thank you.


Quiet confusing, why does it show two sending addresses for each transaction I have made? One of the addresses is the correct address showing but is not being recieved into my Binance funds. Thank you in advance for the explanation.


Disregard, 1 hour later the funds are showing in Binance. Thank you!


I’ve had the same problem yesterday, but my funds are not in Binance yet - this is really annoying - how come is even possible for the wallet to accept 2 addresses?
I am 100% sure I’ve stated only one address - the correct one, because the address was blank when I’ve sent the coins

And they don’t answer to my support ticket.