Block producing node always stuck at "starting.." epoch is 0

Hi ,
After start my block producing node, I got the status always at the “starting”.
How do I know if my listening port is correct? where do I set the listening port for the block producing node and relay node?



how do you started the node? which command was it?

from the script command below, is there any way I can extract the variable?
/usr/local/bin/cardano-node run --topology {TOPOLOGY} --database-path {DB_PATH} --socket-path {SOCKET_PATH} --host-addr {HOSTADDR} --port {PORT} --config {CONFIG}

cardano-node run --topology mainnet-topology.json --database-path db --socket-path db/socket --host-addr --port 6000 --config mainnet-config.json

check the topology file first;
the nodes are synced or first time when you try to start?
add this part in topology file, save and restart the node

“addr”: “”,
“port”: 3001,
“valency”: 2


I did check the topology, I have the relay port include your suggested text.
however, I have add port 6000 for the block producing block.

I wonder if I need to change the security rule, should I change the inbound rule or the outbound rule?


sudo systemctl status cardano-node
journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node.service


Seems no Inbound traffic, only outbound?

So, it’s started… ok

Now for inbound peers u must check:

  • on Producer if u opened the port to allow incoming connections from ur Relay
    sudo ufw allow proto tcp from Relay_ip to any Producer_port

  • on Relay if u added the Producer IP to custom peers inside topology updater script


Yes, it started, because I change the inboud rule to add port for both relay and producer ip address. Should I edit the outbound security rule? I am using AWS

Is the updater script part of cardano installation or should I add the above comment somewhere?

On Producer u will need to accept connections (inbound) only from ur Relay, and on Relay u must accept connections (inbound) from any

Let me try, I need to reboot my local machine first, seems not able to move any webpage


I set the Producer accept connection only from my relay ip address and port, however there seems no “In” traffic from the gLview below

ok, and now… on your Relay… did u added the Producer IP + port in topology Updater script (to custom peers + uncomment the line by deleting # from the beginning of the line)?

In the mainnet-topology.json of the producer, I add the relay ip address and port, I don’t have the updater script, where can I find it?

I am not talking about producer… producer is fine, the topolgy file should be modify manually… I am talking about the Relay… The topology updater script must runs only on Relays

are u using the configuration with cntools?

No, I am following the coin cashew

I also manually change the relay topology file
“Producers”: [
“addr”: “Producer IP address”,
“port”: 6000,
“valency”: 1
“addr”: “”,
“port”: 3001,
“valency”: 2

Can you please send me the link of cntool?

ok, please test:

from relay: telnet Producer_IP Producer_port
from producer: telnet Relay_IP Relay_port

if it’s saying connected the port it’s fine… I am pretty sure that the nodes will be connected each other when they will be fully synced

when I telnet, they both show
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.

nope, it’s fine, you will see the port to OUT peers… but I can see that the Producer is not present to OUT peers. now. the nodes are running? are syncing?

can u restart the nodes? both

sudo systemctl restart cardano-node


Hi , I reboot the nodes since yesterday your suggestion to reboot, however, I am not sure is it run properly. Can you please suggest what is the right way to open the port for relay node and producing node?

produce node

Relay node