Blockchain based electronic health record (EHR) and health insurance


A friend of mine and me have been thinking about pubblish this idea to the fund7 but at the end we didn’t feel so confortable (we didn’t want to “bite off more than we could chew”) so instead we decided to post it here and discuss it with the community!

So let’s start with a little bit of technical details:
An electronic health record (EHR) is a database which contains all records of a patients medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images, laboratory test results, and so on. As you can imagine it is a centralized database which may be hosted in an hospital, private clinic or, sometimes, it is mantained by the government (local or central). As every centralized database it may be subsceptible of hacking or manipulation of the data it contains.

The main issue with this kind of centralized database is that they aren’t interoperable. So the EHR which I use in my hospital (I am a medical doctor) can’t communicate with the EHR which the doctor are using in the hospital of the city from where you are reading this post (except if you are from Sicily in Italy, in that case say ciao!).
And this is real pain in the ass because if in the emergency room (ER) happens a patients which may be unable to speak due to his health conditions we simply don’t know absolutely nothing about him!

So, since Atala PRISM is (I think) getting near, what about creating a blockchain based electronic health record software which is really interoperable between countries and not-manipulable?

Also, note that the software for the EHR doesn’t need to be written, as client it could be used any kind of software, open source like the GNU Health or commercial. The integration should be focused on using a decentralized database on blockchain with existing programs

But let’s just think about all the possibility once this system will be in place. All your medical records would be easily accessible to you and to all the doctors you will see in your life, no matter if you have the papers with you or if you aren’t in your country.
It will not just end with this. We have all see the potentials of the decentralized finance. What if a project like them is launched not for the profit but for the health? I am talking about a health insurance which will cover all the cost of your wellness with a minimum investment. The treasury of this decentralized health insurance will not just cover your health care expenses, it may even fund researches, build hospitals. The possibility are endless.

Thoughts, considerations?