Blockchain curriculum ressources for african engineers


I am math and computer sciences teacher and I plan to do a 2 x 20h courses over 4 days next spring to ivorian public servant (Côte d’Ivoire west Africa) computer engineers and technician.

I’m looking for resources on the blockchain and thought that maybe you could help me compile some general stuff.

I’m rather new to the technical side of the blockchain but I have some background as I did try to run some bitcoin node and installed etherum wallet locally. But I did not go further than install to see if it worked.

I’ve also read carefully the blockchain white paper and I’m passionate about open source, liberty and decentralization. A bit less about internet as we can’t run it with wind mills but that’s another debate.

So please do point me to good resources for a beginner course on blockchain.
I was inspired by CH talks at Davos mentioning Cacao farmers because Ivory coast is one of the biggest producer of cacao. Also we have estate property problems so that other example would also be great in my course for people you end up working for the government.


Hi Maliki, welcome to the Forum.

It would be worth your while speaking to John O’Connor, who’s the Director of African Operations…

If you have ideas about running a blockchain course then he might be able to help in some way as IOHK ran a course in Ethiopia Last year.

If you search for him on the forum you’ll find a few posts and I’m sure you’ll find some YouTube videos too.

In addition, you might want to send him the links to your two posts on the forum.

Good luck in your enquiries :+1:

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I concur with what @DarfADA has said,

@John_O_Connor will be able to give you some information relevant to your region and might be interested in helping out a bit.
It does seem you are on the right track in researching things, here are a few links that I hope help if you have not found them yet, I recommend reading the Blog post’s on the IOHK site the Cardano site will give you an overview of how Blockchain tech is utilized for the Cardano platform the wiki article gives some very good information as a foundation.


I have just sent an email to john O’Connor.

Thank you all very much for your ideas. :o)