BP Node status always showing 'starting'

Hello Team, I upgraded memory and cpu yesterday for both BP, Relay nodes. When I try to start the relay node it did not start. I remove db folder and start the relay node. The relay node started and started to sync. When I try to start the BP node, the gLiveview always shows “starting” I use 1.27 version. Can you guys help me?
Screenshot from 2021-09-12 09-32-51

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You need to upgrade to 1.29.0 before the HFC event later today. I would recommend you use GuildOps scripts, others here also like CoinCashew.

Because u can’t connect to the only relay u have;
add the IOHK nodes inside topology file of Producer and restart it

Perhaps it’s better to let the IOHK nodes all the time inside topology file

Thank you. I added the IOHK node ( relays-new.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io ) in topology. It is started now.
The processed TX is 0 now. Will it b increased after sync 100% ?
Screenshot from 2021-09-13 15-53-12

hmm… if your relays will connect to the Producer you should see tx processed increasing…but now if u press P in glilve u should see 0 IN peers… or also the relays are out of sync?

ok. Thank you. The sync process still not completed on our relay servers.

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The sync process got struck at 289 epoch in BP and relay nodes. I upgraded to newer version 1.29.0 as explained in https://www.coincashew.com/coins/overview-ada/guide-how-to-build-a-haskell-stakepool-node/how-to-update-a-stakepool . It is fine now.

Type journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node for the nodes stucked in starting