BPN stuck in "starting..." state after reboot

Hi all, I was testing out a disaster recovery scenario by shutting down my node and then bringing it back online. The systemd script ran successfully and began to try and start the cardano-node but its been in a “starting…” state according to .gLiveView for 45 min now. The logs from “systemctl status cardano-node” are below. My relay node is up and running like it should be. Any ideas?

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 1.26.33 PM

Type top

The cpu is 100%?

No, CPU is only at 3 percent or so.

The Producer… did u started with cnode 6000?

if u type telnet Relay_IP Relay_cnode_port is it ok? Should se connected


Ahhh thank you sir I realize now what happened. Although I was able to update the DNS resolution after reboot like I had planned on testing. my firewall was still configured for the old IP. This resolved the issue. Thanks you

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