Bricks and drinks from London

Hi guys, girls and all in between (just to be politically correct) :slight_smile:

I am a mixture of:

  • “boutique builder” meets “IT geek”,
  • J Peterson meets George Carlin,
  • Rome meets Altered Carbon.

I do NOT own ADA or any other Cryptos (yet), but I am following the blockchain evolution daily since 2013.
I say things as I think them and I appreciate those that can challenge my opinions.

If someone in London is up for drinks and debating ideas give me a shout.


OK, so why don’t you put some money in? :slight_smile:

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That’s strange. And Trolls are not welcome here.:grin:

Just Joking :grinning: Welcome!

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Hi Rob,

The answer is in “boutique builder” meets “IT geek”…
As much as I believe in the tech and I look forward to the day that I can implement it in my own business …
I also believe that at this moment we are still in the speculative stage.
Since I suck at trading it would be silly for me to go in right now.

As a builder I see cardano and all its competitors as brick factories,
They create the bricks, harvest the timber, and so on.

  • but those bricks and timber are only valuable if you have clients that want houses and builders that can build them.
    Soon enough the market will decide how many will want a timber frame, and how many a brick house.
    That will be the moment when a builder like me will decide if he wants to build using one material or the other … And will invest in a brick factory or a timber yard.

Not a troll :slight_smile: Just honest.
I’m not interested in the speculative aspect, but in the actual “brick and mortar” application.
I Was looking at Etherium and Hyperladger before , unfortunely none of them have all the ingredients that I need to cook.
From what I’ve seen till now Cardano is the only one that promised the ingredients that I need to cook my recipe for a long time.