Can Cardano fans be more than just a community?

Are ADA holders just investors, or something more? Everyone can view it subjectively. Some are just pragmatic investors, some are investors and fans. Is there any other category? I’m sure there is. Someone can be more than just a fan. There is a group of people who see Cardano as an opportunity to create an alternative financial system and are actively involved in building it. It doesn’t matter if they are developers, those who actively participate in social media debates or comment on CIPs. They can also be those who follow what’s going on in the Cardano ecosystem. They are also those who use DeFi services. If you accept the fact that the financial system, or money if you like, is one of the pillars of states, we should think about what Cardano can actually become. If cryptocurrencies are to weaken the position of states, it is logical that people need to create some alternative. Is it too bold to think that new groups of people can emerge from decentralized networks that are more than just a community of fans? Can they call themselves citizens, for example? Let’s flesh out these ideas more.


  • Blockchain is more than just a protocol and a native coin. It’s also a community. A community can be more than just a group of fans. It can be the basis for a new society.
  • Futurologists predict that corporations can replace states. Blockchain networks like Cardano are a better platform for replacing states than corporations.
  • Cardano will allow decision-making power to be distributed among all ADA holders. Money doesn’t have to be a tool of the state, but a tool of the people to determine how the rules should be set.
  • Success is not about individuals getting a financial boost from a profitable investment, but about the collective being committed enough to strive for change.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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How about defiant? How does that sound?

Of course Cardano will replace states, just a matter of time! :grin: