Can I use my staked ADA for voting in Project Catalyst?


I am intrigued by the Project catalyst and I would really like to participate in the upcoming voting. As I can see there is a minimum of 500 ADA to participate. My question can I use my 500 ADA which are staked in Daedalus for the registration, or only non-staked ADA can by used?

By the way Merry Christmas to all)



Yes u can

Merry Christmas!


Thanks Alex)

You are welcome

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Merry Xmas, But there will be a transaction fee subtracted from the 500 ADA and wont it affect the settings of the delegation to the stakepool?

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Yes, u will pay the fee… which will be deducted from your available balance

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Ah OK thanks, but then I don’t need to re-delegate my stake again or will I just not get staking rewards for that epoch?

The delegation will not be affected

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Ah good to know, thanks for the explaining :+1: :smiley: