Can we hire more philosophers?

As Cardano achieves more, and the treasury grows, what does the community think about hiring more philosophy PhD’s at IOG and the Cardano Foundation? Both organizations have created amazing teams of highly competent technical experts and academics, but I feel like there should be more emphasis on philosophy, ethics, and political science, especially at the Cardano Foundation. This will be world changing technology. As the Cardano community grows, so does it’s wealth and power, and with great power comes great responsibility. This is in no way a criticism of the existing staff members, just a wish to see more leadership within these organizations speaking to the public about the mission of cardano who are also accomplished or accredited philosophers. IOG has hired some of the best in the world when it comes to technical expertise, so shouldn’t we be doing the same when it comes to the Voltaire governance era? We are trying to change almost everything about how the world economy operates, shouldn’t we have more guidance from people who have degrees in philosophy? I think I have some vague ideas about where we are headed in 10-20 years, but there still seems to be a lot of unknowns around privacy, governance and taxation, economic theory, ethics etc…


I’d also be interested in seeing this grow. We certainly need it for AI creation.

I have a candidate I could reach out to who I think would be ideal as part of a larger group.

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Hi, I find it interesting thanks for sharing.

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Hi there, I am a philosophy graduate participating in the one of the Project Catalyst proposals “Comprehensive NFT Framework Collab” and I have been looking for place within the Cardano universe that discusses broader philosophical issues and links to philosophy academia.

Looking at IOHK’s library of white papers raises many meta-philosophical issues - not least in respect of whether Game Theory can extend to distributed governance.

All the Best - Stephen


Stephen, I think there are some great philosophical ideas that revolve around the NFT craze… (and I’ve seen the awesome NFT framework proposal, great work that has my vote)
Game Theory has a lot of potential to steer things in the right direction by creating the right incentives, weather we are incentivizing individuals trying to maximize financial gain, or social standing, or incentivizing A.I. systems to operate in the blockchain space. Will A.I. agents be making, buying, and selling NFT’s? and if so, how is this going to affect the wider economy?
We already have lots of trading bots, and algorithms like MarketCypher… are we headed toward a crypto economy that is reliant and dependent on the whims of some AI trading bots with Neural nets guiding them instead of humans? Do we want that?

I’m of two minds sometimes, when it comes to fun, or absurd projects, like spacecoins, spacebuds, dogecoin, cryptokitties etc… I think it’s great to explore the pointless, absurd, and creative side of crypto, and not take things too seriously everyday, but I also wonder if it’s sometimes a waste of attention or money, that could be channeled into more beneficial / ethical endeavours…? But who am I to judge… I just like to watch from the sidelines and see where this NFT thing goes, it sure is entertaining. When I want to do something that I think is “good” I can always contribute my thoughts to Catalyst, or add to my stack of ada that is delegated to Smiles pool… providing free health care to kids.

An interesting problem is that the game theory rules apply to everyone equally, yet not every individual is motivated or incentivized by the same things. Sure probably around 80% of Crypto holders are motivated by financial gain, but it’s still not the only incentive that can easily be engineered to get a reliable response from all participants.