The Top 10 People in Cardano

Who are the top 10 people in the Cardano team/company? Starting with most important.
Let’s start with nr 1, Charles Hoskinson. And its a option to mention why u think so. Feel free to drop your top 10 list.

Sorry, seems like a stupid idea to me. How do you decide whether a researcher or say a PR person should be rated higher? We don’t know exactly what anyone does anyway. A pointless exercise.


Well then lets decide on how importance of the particular researcher works in future it will impact? Its like how Sundar Pichai, built Chrome in early and his team,which saved billions in revenue and later became a CEO of GOOGLE. Kind of that direction. And yes, its difficult to predict that, but I feel there some Genius people around here.Hopefully some people will understand.

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NostrADAmus… Number 673.149.811 in the list!!!

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Pointless exercise.


I see what you are thinking, but I believe everybody involved with Cardano likely has a mindset that the project will hopefully stand on its own. As they have likely bought in on the concept of changing the world, the success of the project would be what sustains them as opposed to specific recognition. That said, proper citation of free to use research is its own show of respect and proper recognition of efforts.

Although there could very well be a list of top 10 people in Cardano, the grand experiment is to see if we can foster a project with no particular associations. Easy for me to say as I’m not one of them, but this would be a feature of the ideal decentralized project, that there isn’t a top 10 list of people. In reality there are, but hopefully we can grow as a community to think differently about such things.

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Thought the whole idea of the Cardano ecosystem was the total opposite of what you’re trying to achieve with your idea?

With that mindset dude, you’re in the wrong place. You need to look into the different types of bitcoin where they love centralization! That would be your place in the world.

Just sayayin…

I vote for me. LOL.

Ok, and what are you doing in Cardano?:slight_smile:

Buying Buying and Buying.:wink: