Cannot connect to network after reinstall window 10


I got problems with my computer and had to reinstalled the window 10 recently, the Daedalus folder is preserved at D: disk. And now when I open the application, only the blue screen with “Cannot connect to network”. I start worrying so pls help ==


Hello! Please follow this instruction, but replace directory paths with your own (on disk D:):


I had the same problem ,after update of Windows 10 i clean it all and make a new with 12 word seed and later put new password .
syncing blocks take me 12 hours and another 5-6 hours to reinstall old wallet,so be patient,but after all that hustle the new one was set to go (with previous funds inside ,of course) !


This of course depends on the internet connection, but I got my wallet restored in 40 minutes in the new version :slight_smile: In previous versions it usually took around 3-4 hours on my laptop.

Anyways, glad to here it worked for you! :+1:


I will try, thank u