Cannot find Daedalus 2.2.0 download link..?

Hey guys,

Forgive me if there is a simple answer to this but when I’m going to the download page to upgrade my Daedalus to the newest version, all I see is a message saying “We’re working on a new version of Daedalus right now. Please check back soon!”

I cannot access my current daedalus mainnet as it’s directing me to update as soon as I open it.

Assistance is appreciated :slight_smile:

You can also download it via

Go to --> INDIVIDUALS --> Daedalus Wallet


Cheers Fabian,

Is there a way to get rid of the ‘upgrade notification’ overlay on my daedalus mainnet so I can operate the old one for the time being until I have time to upgrade? I can’t seem to get past it.

Just tried the step you suggested and it takes me to the exact page I have been trying to download from… still gives me no link saying the message I listed above…??

You may want to clear your browser cache or just try to use a different browser.

I am having the same issue. I cannot DL Daedalus 2.2 I cleared the catch. Please assist need some direction here. Thanks!!

As i said, maybe try out a other browser.


The steps suggested by Zyroxa in the second post works for me with Firefox on Linux.

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Thank you, I went right to FF opened right up all set for now.

thanks guys!! Love my Ada!!


Okay so all of those steps listed above i had attempted in the previous week to no avail, so I put upgrading off. Different browser, clearing cache… nothing.

Turns out my VPN was causing the daedalus website to show that message. Temporarily disabling your VPN will show the correct download links on the website… strange but true.